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Janie Hinkson

Janie Hinkson

I love to watch a child grow up in a happy and safe environment. It breaks my heart to watch a child filled with fear and depression — especially, those who feel they have no control over their situation. A majority of our broken hearted children are dealing with some form addiction in their family.

I wanted to write a book that empowered children to rise up and be brave, to face adversity and overcome obstacles that are set before them. Also, every year during Red Ribbon Week (drug awareness) I could never find anything good to read that would help start discussions. Faith Becomes Brave opens up discussions. The children identify with Faith. The book helps educate children about the deception of drugs and alcohol and the peer pressure that goes along with it.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree with an emphasis in Psychology. I’ve been an educator for fifteen years to the military child at Fort Hood, Texas, as well serving as children’s minister in a local church for twelve years. I was born and raised in Northern California in a little town called Healdsburg and now live with my husband Ralph of 30 years on our little ranch in Texas surrounded by animals. I love my church and give God all the glory. My children and grandchildren are my greatest joys.

Faith Becomes Brave also comes in a Christian Version with Bible verses. Both books can be purchased on Amazon.

Communication with me: faithbecomesbrave@yahoo.com

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