Faith Becomes Brave

I wanted to write a book that empowered children to rise up and be brave, to face adversity and overcome obstacles that are set before them. Also, every year during Red Ribbon Week (drug awareness) I could never find anything good to read that would help start discussions.

Faith Becomes Brave opens up discussions. The children identify with Faith. The book helps educate children about the deception of drugs and alcohol and the peer pressure that goes along with it.

Story Beginning

Wind swirled through a window carrying in a glowing white dove. A mother sat and watched the dove gently rest on her baby’s feet. She felt at peace and was encouraged at the same time. She was thankful and whispered, “I will call you . . . Faith.” She smiled and rocked back and forth….

Faith Becomes Brave also comes in a Christian Version with Bible verses. Both books can be purchased on Amazon.

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